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Chat Page
Recovery from Eating Disorders and Abuse


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Welcome to the Overcome Your ED Chat Page!

Free Java Chat from Bravenet Free Java Chat from Bravenet

***Starting March 13, 2004 Overcome Your ED's Chat Room which is located on this site for Live Chat, I will be available for chat myself to anyone interested in speaking directly to me. This Chat Room is open 24 hours a day and though I may not be here at all times I will set aside special time every Saturday Evening from 8:30p.m- 9:30p.m. Eastern Time to discuss any and every topic that relates to this site and other sites similar to it. This will be a trial basis and depending on the results could be a permanent addition to this site. I welcome anyone interested to join me this Saturday March 13, 2004 all that is asked is you respect others as well as yourself and remember to keep a positive outlook and not offend anyone. This will be a chat session for serious discussion because we are facing serious illnesses and situations.***

Please feel free to email me and let me know if you would like to attend this event. I will be on as living_with_ed as my screen name so I can be located easily. Thank you and I am looking forward to chatting with all of you very soon.